Mindfully Crafted Advanced Galvanic Gel Sets

In 2004, Canadian practitioner of natural medicine and wellness coach “Doctor Bill” was approached by medical aestheticians working with multi-disciplinary skincare tools and techniques and asked him to develop a simple, clean and natural multi-functional serum gel. The goal was to eliminate the need to use different brands and many products for skincare layering techniques, acupressure face and neck massage, and galvanic negative ion and positive ion treatments.

To this day, our private atelier remains a science-based workshop, producing small-batch multi-functional serum gels for a discerning and exclusive customer base. Our multi-functional serum gel sets were created with two synergistic formulas that deliver advanced active ingredients into the dermis for a complete healthy beauty regime.

COMPATIBLE WITH NU SKIN, NUFACE, FACEMASTER, and many other consumer at-home galvanic and micro current devices.

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