How Ion Boost Works

Our advanced Marine Complex has been formulated to allow microcurrent devices that use two separate gels (such as the Nu Skin ageLOC SPA) to switch back and forth between negative and positive charges for pre-treatment and treatment cycles.

Applying an external electric field or charge to a gel solution from a microcurrent/galvanic device can indeed influence its overall charge, causing it to become positively or negatively charged. This process is known as electrophoresis or electrochemical polarization.

  1. Electrophoresis: When an electric field is applied to a solution containing charged particles (ions, molecules, colloids), these charged particles can migrate in response to the field. If the electric field is strong enough and the particles are mobile, they may move toward the electrode with an opposite charge. This migration of charged particles can result in the accumulation of either positive or negative charges at the respective electrodes, leading to an overall charge on the solution.
  2. Electrochemical Polarization: In some cases, materials or electrodes placed in the solution can undergo a chemical reaction, accumulating charges and altering the overall charge of the solution. This can occur at the interface between the solution and the electrodes.

Switching the direction or strength of the applied electric field can reverse the migration of charged particles, causing the solution's overall charge to switch back and forth between positive and negative, or it might neutralize the charge altogether.

However, the ability of a solution to change its charge in response to an applied electric field depends on various factors, including the concentration and mobility of charged particles in the solution, the strength of the electric field, and the properties of the solvent and solutes involved.

Marine Complex Microcurrent Skincare gel eliminates the need for separate pre-treatment and treatment gels and can be used with any consumer or professional microcurrent facial treatment device.

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