It's Okay To Use Alternative Conductive Gels

Most companies selling microcurrent devices sell a corresponding conductive gel they advise you to use with it, and if you look at the ingredient list, you’ll notice that they contain a few humectants. 

This means two things: 

1) Using a humectant-rich, oil-free serum that provides slip (lubrication) will work as well; 

2) Some of the plumping effect you get is from the gel, but most of it is from the inflammation response from moving the device repeatedly over your skin.  

Please note that the Nu Skin ageLOC pre-treatment and treatment gels contain a significant amount of humectants (lubricants) which is why the gels must be wiped off after each treatment cycle (the gel will dry to a plastic-like layer if not removed). This lubricating barrier prevents major skin irritation but also prevents any therapeutic ingredients from penetrating the skin. 

You can also use ANY conductive gel you can buy, which is much cheaper, but most won’t give you the humectants. It’s not critical to have lubricants in the conductive gel because most people apply skincare products afterward. 

So you apply plenty of gel – work in sections so it doesn’t dry up – and then slowly glide the device along the muscular structures of the face you want to tone. 

Most devices come with either instructional videos or apps to guide you, but after a while, you will probably come up with your routine. 

These devices have quite impressive immediate effects and a potential long-term effect, so while you can use them morning or night, the morning will give you the most reward for your effort.  

You need to commit to doing your microcurrent skincare regularly if you want results, and that might be a deal breaker as it takes approximately 3-4 months to see lasting results.

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